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Combination BDL-1250/9B Drill & ABCM-1250 Coper System

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Three drill assemblies on the BDL-1250/9B heavy-duty beam drill line operate simultaneously or independently of one another using either the same or different drill diameters, speeds and feeds. Fully programmable via CNC program, spindle operation is designed with drilling accuracy, allowing for some of the fastest drilling times on the market.

The triple torch design of the ABCM-1250 oxy-fuel coper allows for cutting of two flanges simultaneously. While flange thins are performed on both top and bottom flanges at the same time, weld prep is generated concurrently. Without tedious torch probing processes, the ABCM allows for more near flange cutting.

Maximum profile dimensions 50 x 24"
Number of spindles 9
Spindle power 25 HP
Maximum drill diameter 2"
Type of cutting Oxy-fuel
Number of torches 3
Maximum cutting thickness 6"
Infeed conveyors 90' with 5 transfers at 26'
Outfeed conveyors 48' with 6 transfers at 18'
Location Valdosta, Georgia - USA

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