Used Angle Line from Peddinghaus


Machine Condition:
Stock #: P1052

Two punch cylinders each with three punch stations per hydraulic press allow the Anglemaster-863 to apply up to three different hole shapes/sizes per leg. This Anglemaster can accommodate shaped holes such as squares, rectangles, obrounds and slots.

Punch capacity 169 tons
Maximum material thickness 1"
Maximum hole size 1-1/2"
Shear capacity 8 x 8 x 1"
Shear tonnage 515 ton (3 speed)
Motor 30 HP
Control Siemens
Year 2017
Operating hours 1917
Location Kankakee, IL - USA
Warranty 1-year
  • All new hydraulics
  • New drive wheels
  • New encoder assemblies
  • New bearings
  • New seals

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