Used Angle Line from Peddinghaus


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Stock #: I1719

Detail components make up the smallest tonnage of any fabricators' workload, but consistently demand the highest amount of labor. The AFPS-623/K processes angles and flats in one pass, reducing processing time and increasing punch performance.

A rugged and durable Roller Feed measurement system ensures a constant roll and an accurate measurement given deviations in material.

Punch capacity 66 tons
Punch stroke 1-1/2"
Maximum material thickness 1/2"
Maximum hole size 1-1/4"
Shear capacity 6 x 6 x 1/2"
Shear tonnage 200 tons
Motor 25 HP
Year 1995
Operating hours 22
Location Kankakee, IL - USA
Warranty 1-year
  • All new electrical
  • New PC control
  • All new hydraulic valves and cylinders
  • New 40' infeed conveyors

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