Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

Machine installation is available at the time of purchase and will be quoted separately.

We stand firmly behind our remanufactured equipment by offering a full one-year warranty backed by Peddinghaus industry-leading customer service and support.

Only remanufactured machines are upgraded with either the latest version of Raptor 3D CAD/CAM Software or Peddimat legacy software. Software for machines sold as-is and refurbished machines is available for purchase and will be quoted separately.

Machine training is available at the time of purchase and will be quoted separately.

Peddinghaus maintains a 24-hour technical support center to assist customers with any questions or concerns that may arise in the operation of Peddinghaus machinery.

Peddinghaus technical support is always available for purchase.

Local dealer representatives and dedicated parts storage facilities have been established throughout the world to expedite part shipments.

By remanufacturing critical mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components, SSSL offers the same high-quality and reliability as a brand new machine.

For steel fabricators looking to sell surplus equipment or remanufacture current equipment, please contact the SSSL team of experts to assess your specific needs.

All machines on the SSSL website are available for purchase and ready to be shipped.

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